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1 year ago

Advocating For The Rights Of The Special Children

Advocating For The Rights Of The Special Children

There was a time when no private or public schools gave admission to special children in their institution for the sake of impact on the other children in the school and the parents too were shy and embarrassed of their special kids. Thus, many NGOs and other institutions raised the voice for advocating the educational needs of the special kids. As a result, many public schools have granted reservation to such children in the school and several laws have been designed in constitution of many nations to protect the rights of such children. Many specialized schools have also been opened up which take the charge of providing education and training to the special children.


Specialized schools deal with the children suffering from orthopedic disabilities, speed and hearing impairment, emotional disturbance, learning disabilities, blindness, brain trauma etc. Parents are often distressed for whether they could be able to provide education to their special kids and protect their rights. Fortunately, there are various laws in legislation which helps your special child to get good and quality education. There are advocates who fight for the educational rights of your child and help you to obtain the statement of special educational needs.  It is the legal document which describes the kind of disability and the requirements to meet the needs of the child. This statement is helpful in admitting your child in the special school.


Your child supporters


Parents are the biggest supporters of special children. After all, it is the firm determination and courage of the parents to provide basic education to their child so that he/she can also live a normal life, despite their disabilities.